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Verdi, deputy commissioner of the town Department regarding Licenses and also Inspections.

Verdi stated the law, about the textbooks for a lot much more than 30 years, tends to become able to make fortunetelling "for gain or lucre" a third-degree misdemeanor.

Police alerted his department towards the law a few days ago, Verdi said.

They by simply no means first viewed it coming.

City inspectors shut down greater than the dozen psychics, astrologers as well as tarot-card viewers after understanding of a decades-old state law that will bans fortune telling for profit.

Inspectors failed to create tarot arrests or issue fines, "but they are generally heading to if these folks try to go back in order to work," said Dominic E. "I had been surprised," he said.

He stated inspectors get closed 16 shops since Tuesday and that he expected these to shut more.

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